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PayPal declined a refund when I was clearly scammed


PayPal declined a refund when I was clearly scammed

Made a purchase but the items were never received.

Opened a dispute.

The sellers courier service show that the items were delivered.

The order was a total of £41.12

They delivered something completely different at the value of £4.84

This is obviously a scam. The seller sending a cheaper item just to show the "delivered" status knowing PayPal will not do their homework and will accept the "delivered" status.

The seller claims the despatch department got confused???? Strange that they never sent any paperwork with the item allowing me to question the delivery. The seller has offered to re-send the ordered items OR I keep the item they sent and have a £40% refund and send the item that they did send back to them OR I provide proof of postage of the wrong item before they will issue a refund. This means I will be out of pocket having to send the item back and be £24.67 further out of pocket if I don't send the item back.

SCAM ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have told them that they will need to reimburse me but let's be real.... they are never going to do that.

What a joke PayPal is supporting crooks like this. I will take this higher as this shouldn't be allowed to happen to honest, hard working people.

PayPal have denied my refund because the status of the order is "delivered". I have no further means of showing what a scam this is because PayPal have closed the case.


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Re: PayPal declined a refund when I was clearly scammed



You opened a dispute for item not received?

When you received it did you CHANGE the dispute from non receipt TO not as described before the dispute closed?


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UPDATE: (18.11.20)RESOLVED BY PAYPAL: PayPal declined a refund when I was clearly scammed

The case was closed before I knew what the item was that had been delivered.

I have now called PayPal who have now refunded the transaction as there was sufficient evidence to support.