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PayPal cooperates with scammers?

New Community Member

PayPal cooperates with scammers?

I bought a compost bin from a facebook ad for $30. The seller sent me $2 plastic bags.

Deal was covered by PayPal insurance. I disputed.


PayPal first made me contact the seller. His email did not exist.


PayPal then wanted me to ship back $2 worth plastic bags to China, shipping cost would be $25, and PayPal would only refund once the scammer confirms receipt, which he obviously would never confirm. So... I would be scammed of another $25 shipping and the seller will be getting his $2 plastic bags back! There is no guarantee I ever get refunded.


Also, the shipping address PayPal provided me with was 3 lines of complex Chinese script. How am I supposed to copy that to an enevlope?


I wrote PayPal 10(!) messages in total and called literally a dozen different times, wanting to get some answers like, who's paying for the ship-back, what guarantee do I have to get refunded, to be provided an address in English, and why are they cooperating with scammers? PayPal never replied to me once! They have no manned customer service. They are replying with automated messages only. This company's service is horrendous. The worst I've experiences. Prison houses have better customer support.


My advice:

1. Never buy from facebook ads.

2. Never pay with PayPal unless you have no choice. We must punish this company.