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PayPal conflict resolution process does not work.


PayPal conflict resolution process does not work.

PayPal's customer support is a joke. The phone line is useless and the chat option virtually non-existent.

I won't go in to the whole story but essentially I got scammed by a seller that sent a different product than what they advertised. PayPal's website stopped working at some point and wouldn't allow me to accept the refund offered by the seller. 

I decided then to continue the claim. PayPal sent me an email requesting me to send more information but the email did not mention what information they wanted. After a couple of days they closed the case because I had not sent the tracking number of the product. They never asked for a tracking number and anyway, it was all in the content of the several conversations with the seller through the PayPal site. 

Don't bother trying to talk to someone over the phone either because you will never be able to talk to a person there. 

Very disappointed by the poor service.