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PayPal chooses to support Scam Company


PayPal chooses to support Scam Company

Wondering whether anyone else has raised a scam only for PayPal to side with the scam company?


Thousands of people are being scammed by the same Online Education Company (Shaw Academy in Ireland)

I reported to PayPal Resolution Team how they scammed me for £40 and the Resolution Team responded saying Shaw Academy was within their right to take money from my account - despite it being advertised as a Free Course.


I've always felt confident with PayPal's PR around customer protection, but now I feel like they don't take serious things seriously.


Is the Resolution Team the only hope?  Or is there a PayPal Teams that look into things properly?

New Community Member

Re: PayPal chooses to support Scam Company

Hi Mate

Yes, I was just obviously scammed by a Chinese vendor who sent garbage goods instead of what was ordered.

Was going through just the talking to vendor stage before escalating to claim as asked by Paypal.

I didn't agree withe preposterous deal the vendor was providing. Gave them one last chance to give me return details and better refund.

They claimed it would cost them to do this.

Then suddenly I get notice that dispute was closed by Paypal as resolved because I had accepted the refund.

Asking and asking help centre to investigate how the seller closed my dispute because I never agreed with them on amount.

I get blanket statement that I either accidently accepted the offer or sorry case is closed we cannot reopen the case.Thanks for using Paypal.

PAYPAL is supporting scammers, I have asked this to be investigated but have had to resort to sending complaint to the AFCA of Australia to hopefully get a legal action going aginst them or have case reopened.I dont know if I will have any luck. Paypal used to be good company and protect the customer, but of late..Im guessing since covid they do everything within their power to delay or close resolutions without consent. They are supporting fraudulent scams with the so called protection of Paypal. I am so disappointing in this company and more people need to become aware. We need to start a boycot of Paypal umtil they pick their act up and do the right thing.