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PayPal assits Fraud, maybe unintentionally


PayPal assits Fraud, maybe unintentionally

I have been using PayPal because I thought it offer some protection on purchases.  Unfortunately that is not true.  I came across an offer, which did seem to good to be true.  But I thought if I made the purchase using PayPal I would have some protection.  I placed the order.  And the item that was received from China, was not the item ordered.  I contacted seller as suggested by PayPal.  No response.  I then filed a complaint with PayPal for a "bait and Switch" scheme.  Dispute was opened.  PayPal contacts me and says seller has agreed to a refund if I return the item.  I explained that the state I live in provides that if something is delivered by mail that was not ordered, it does not have to be returned, but I would return the item.  Now if I had not known that the package I received could not have possibly been what I ordered and opened the package it would have been at least $17 for return postage.  I took the parcel to the Post Office and refused delivery.  Took a picture of it being returned.  USPS Tracking show items refused and being returned to sender.  Then I began to wait.  I would check with PayPal regularly .  The decision date kept being set back with comments that information from the seller was being reviewed.  That happened at least twice.  Then yesterday I received notification my claim was denied:  "This decision was made because we did not receive valid proof or tracking that you returned the merchandise.".  I don't know if they checked the tracking number or not, but I do not know what more I could have done, having no control once the package was placed in the mail.

This seems to be PayPals standard fall back position.  If fraud is reported, the seller only has to offer a refund if the item is returned.  I have seen other posts with folks in the same position, who had opened their packages and then were looking at paying almost as much in postage as the item in dispute.

PayPal seems to take the no harm no foul approach, but this just lets unscruplus sellers offer scam sales, knowing the vast majority of victims will not spend more money to return the items.

This allows PayPal to deny (read refund) claims for fraud on a totally unrelated basis.

Upon receiving the denial I went and checked "My PayPal" to see what the next step in the process might be, to get back to the issue of fraud.  There is no thing there.  It is as if this never occurred.  My text conversation with customer service, gone.

So, appears I was incorrect about PayPal offering some protection.  Looking for an alternative !



Re: PayPal assits Fraud, maybe unintentionally

Hi, I am unfortunately in the exact same boat, ordered a set of power tools worth $30 and recieved a blown up bag of air! I have too been through the resolution centre which may I add is a JOKE! & after paying the postage fee for a full refund and having it sent back have been unsuccessful! PayPal claim it’s because of tracking information yet i have email proof of the information being uploaded and the email from PayPal confirming it has been successful and the next step is just await sellers confirmation of return! PayPal’s way of dealing with this is awful & allows scam artists like this one to get away with fraudulent and corrupt activity! However- you can request the return fee back for the postage and tracking paid! If you ‘message’ them online to the robot they send you the link of the refund link- hope this helps
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Re: PayPal assits Fraud, maybe unintentionally

I have just had this exact same experience.
I ordered something online. Took usual 6-8 weeks to arrive from CHINA, despite being advertised as in USA.
I opened but was sorely disappointed to receive a product which was 1.not as described, 2. Not originated from USA. 3. Overly priced for what it was, I could have bought the same thing from Amazon for a fraction of what I paid.
Contact Paypal, as suggesed contacted seller. No reply...SHOCKER.
Waited correct amount of days ( Ordered in end of May)  Initiated a dispute that item was not as described. 3-4 days later, seller stated they would refund on return on the item, at my shipping cost. Despite having already paid for the wrong item to be shipped to me, I forked out another £12 international Shipping from UK.  I was unaware that this service wasnt tracked as the QR code and number was on the shipping label.
item was shipped on28th June. Now out of my control, no idea where it went or if it even arrived at senders location.
Photographs were taken of the item proir to being shipped, and in the box with shipping label attached. Clearly seeing address and QR code and number.
Close date initially was 31st Aug. Came and went. next was 15th Sept, also came and went. Checking weekly, nothing further was added.
Two weeks back Paypal asked me to verify with tracking spackage was shipped. I had not further documents other than what was initially sent. I reiterated this information.
Today, 16 weeks after I ordered Paypal told me I had not offered sufficient eveidence to verify the package had been shipped and as such my claim was denied.
I paid $43.60(£37.67) initially, adding a further £12 ( $15.54) So out of pocket $60, nearly £50. Not a fortune but not the principal. paypal must be aware that this type of scam exists and if so, they need to look at the evidence provided, at buyers location, whether that be photographic or tracking.

If I had behaved in this manner they'd have reimbursed the buyer by now.
Moral.. DON'T BUY FROM CHINA no matter how good the deal looks.