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PayPal and Fake Tracking numbers


PayPal and Fake Tracking numbers

PayPal Fake Tracking numbers

I bought an item and paid for it through PayPal
I got a notification the package was delivered to my porch It was not

PayPal said to work it out with the place I purchased it But I could not find any contact information for the company PayPal then gave me an Email for the company they did not Respond to me they sent PayPal a tracking invoice showing it was delivered it did not say to whom nor did it have the address just city state and zip and delivered to porch

PayPal said I would have to show I did not get the package Since the shipper
provided them with a shipping invoice and tracking numbers

I talked with USPS several times and eventually they sent me the shipping invoice showing a different address that it was sent to and it had no name on it
I sent this to PayPal and now they will not talk to me on the phone , text, or email
When I go to the Dispute / Resolution center it says dispute settled in favor of shipper and shuts down and kicks me off and now there message center says currently unavailable.
I hold PayPal Responsible several other people are having the same problems
This is why there was PayPal to protect the consumer if not then why use them
They are just as bad as the people doing this they still take your money and don't protect or care about you