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PayPal account limited and unable to verify address


PayPal account limited and unable to verify address

So recently my account got limited when a family member sent me $1k AUD and now to unlock my account i must upload documents verifying my address, the only issue is my name wont be on the documents (utility bill) as i am not the house tenant, i live with parents. Over the past few days i'v tried contacting paypal support but keep getting the same automated message guiding someone on how to remove the limitations which does not help me. 


So my question is, if i upload a document of a utility bill for my address but it has a different name on it (my mothers) with the same family/surname, will it be denied? And if so, how is there anything else i can do to remove the limitation or return the money back to my brother?


Thanks Alot, Tamara. 


Country: Australia

Account verification: Phone, Bank


Re: PayPal account limited and unable to verify address

Hi @TamaraN2000,


Thank you for your post! A document must match both your name and address to be accepted. If there are any services/utilities under your name for which you receive bills, you can try using one of those. For instance, a bank statement or mobile phone bill would be acceptable if it's in your name.


In the absence of documents that meet the requirements, I'm afraid the limitation may not be resolvable. If that's the case, I would advise you contact customer service and request that the transaction be refunded.


I'm sorry for the inconvenience.




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