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PayPal NEEDS to fix thier account limitations...


PayPal NEEDS to fix thier account limitations...

Now don't get me wrong, I love PayPal and their company, but the way they handle account limitations is just down-right stupid, here's what I mean/my story:


I recently just opened a PayPal account since I wanted to use it for buying things like video games and sending/receiving money to/from my friends. However though, when I opened it, I immediately got a notification saying, that my account was temporarily limited due to suspicious activity, and here's the thing, it's idiotic things like this that get me mad very easily, I clicked on it to see what it was about and I followed their instructions on submitting my legal docs. 2 days later, I get an email saying that my account was permanently limited because PayPal felt as if it was the right thing to do, I was very mad that this happened, so, I took to the PayPal subreddit to see if anyone knew why this happened, and most people told me that it mostly like would've been the fact that I was under 18 years old which I am not, if I was, I would never have had the legal docs to submit to them in the first place.


So, I shook it off and just took it as a glitch in the system and made another account and then, the exact same thing happened, an account, that was LITERALLY JUST CREATED was limited AGAIN. As soon as I saw that, I just gave up. However, I do have a reason to believe that PayPal just issues these limits to people who aren't well known online, and even if they submit legit legal docs, they'll still just get their account perm limited, it also AMAZES me how they literally THOUSANDS of people out there (primarily YouTube content creators, Twitch Streamers, etc.) who are UNDER 18 and have NOT been punished for not ONLY being UNDERAGE and having a PayPal account but also legit breaking their TOS (Terms of Service).


Two examples I can give are two Fortnite Players/Content Creators/Streamers by the names of FaZe Sway and NRG Clix, both of which I personally enjoy watching as I play the game myself.


Both Sway and Clix are UNDER 18, Sway being 17, Clix being 16. AND to prove my point EVEN MORE, there is another player by the name of Mini Mamba who is LITERALLY 12 and he HAS a PayPal account. ALL OF THREE of these players are underage and they have PayPal accounts. Now yes, I do acknowledge the fact that these players do make a lot of money online and that PayPal is practically their best bet for a place to keep that money BUT, you can't deny the fact PayPal has been unfairly limiting and banning accounts when they are THOUSANDS of Content Creators/Streamers out there, who are under 18 and can make AND use a PayPal account without ANY issue and/or consequences.


Sorry for making this so long but I just had to get my point across and I hope PayPal does something about this in the near future.

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Re: PayPal NEEDS to fix thier account limitations...



Virtual / digital sales are very high risk + add that to the fact you were receiving and sending lots (presumably) of friends/family payments may make paypal think you are evading paying your seller fee by using the friends/family option.

They also may suspect that you are doing so to evade the buyers having buyer protection by not using the goods/services option.


Then when they ban you for suspicious behaviour then you opened a second account.

Once you are banned you are not allowed to open any other paypal accounts.

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