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PayPal Loves Limitations


PayPal Loves Limitations

So last week I started selling with eBay and receiving money into my PayPal account and the other day I decided to withdraw some money to keep my business alive however PayPal decided to cancel the withdrawal and every other withdrawal attempt. They said they needed to verify my identity so I entered my info and then got an email saying all limitations were lifted. Not even a minute later the account was limited again except this time requiring ID. So I uploaded my driver's license front and back and called to check how long it would take. The support agent said 72 hours maximum. Then today I wake up to an email saying "Unfortunately, your account access limitation cannot be lifted at this time. Your account is currently being reviewed. Please allow 5 days for us to complete our review." The documentation is still under review however, what does this mean? Will it be unlimited? If this is how PayPal treats it's customers then I now know why people are moving away from using PayPal.
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Re: PayPal Loves Limitations

I sold a used item and my account has been "temporarily limited" for 3 weeks. They are requesting a receipt from my supplier, however, being a used item there is no supplier and the original receipt is long gone. If you try to call you will run around their automated system for 20 minutes and if you finally do get to talk to a human they won't have the power to actually do anything. Needless to say as soon as this is resolved I will be closing my account and not selling anything on ebay because ebay forces you to use paypal because ebay owns paypal and they want to get money from you for using ebay and then again for using paypal.