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PayPal Denial


PayPal Denial

I paid through PayPal got bathroom vanity. It was taking a really long time to receive. I messaged Houzz to cancel order after contacting shipping company by email about why the status said out for delivery but I did not receive. I was told that it was still in transit. And I would received a call when they were going to deliver. We had been without bathroom for weeks and I wanted to buy something local I had had it. So I contacted Houzz asking to cancel order. A week goes by and I finally get an automated response saying due to influx of calls they have received my request and they will get back to me as soon as possible and not to submit another request. Two days later I get an email from an associate that my order has been shipped out. Wlell I already knew it had been shipped out it had been shipped out for a couple weeks. I reply to email stating that I do not want the order I knew it had been shipped out. I then got on the delivery website and there was an option to cancel an existing  order. It said once this is done it cannot be undone. We will not contact you again. This was june 5 or 6th. On the 10 or 11 I contacted Houzz asking when I would get my refund.  And they said the item was delivered. The woman I spoke to asked if family could have received. What??? Uh no how would they know where my family lived. She said she would submit a request and contact shipped and get back to me. A week passed nothing. I called and got no response. So I reported to PayPal. I talked to someone on the phone in claims.  I just got the answer back that Hoyzz provided shipping information and case was denied. Over 1200 I am just out? And new information came to light. My neighbor said a big package was delivered on THE SIDEWALK IN FRONT OF HIS HOUSE! He apparently sent Jordan a message but he had a new number his phone broke after battery swell. We do not use our front door and we park our back. I never saw it. The neighbor claims it sat out on the sidewalk for 4-5 days and then was gone. He assumed we had gotten it. I didn’t even know about it! Can they really just deny my claim and I am out 1200+ dollars??? I never got the option to provide all the cancellations I submitted or that I had an email from shipper stating they would call me about delivery. I never got the phone call, and the vanity was delivered on the sidewalk in front of neighbors house. The sidewalk we do not even own! No phone call about the delivery and i was told once cancelled it was final. I cannot afford 1200 loss. I thought if I used PayPal I was protected!

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Surely that is between you and the courier that delivered it to an unsafe place?

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