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PayPal DESTROYED my business for no reason (MUST READ INSANE STORY)


PayPal DESTROYED my business for no reason (MUST READ INSANE STORY)

What is up guys Alex here, get some Popcorn this is a story about how PayPal works and the insanity of their actions. I will keep this short but it won´t be easy. It's gonna be a hell of a ride, trust me (definitely worth your time)


I created an online store that I managed to scale pretty fast. It didn't take long for Paypal to put every single cent incoming into the hold. Sucked but ok. PayPal wanted me to show proof of delivery. I somehow managed to get the cash to pay for the items my customers bought (I couldn´t pay them with the money they actually paid because PayPal locked it all and didn't let me use it not even for paying my distributors). I uploaded the tracking numbers and what PayPal did next was incredible. The phone support told me to also upload a short statement so we can find a quick solution. I did that as well, 2 days later my account got permanently banned and restricted from doing business.


That's awesome PayPal thanks! I then contacted the phone support again (at this point we had 5+ calls already to somehow solve this) but they told me there is nothing I can do but if I sent a message to the back office they will 100% take a look at this and all details involved. I thought hey maybe that´s true and they will check all the information and realize oh **bleep** that's a huge mistake we made this guy is legit but no, nope, the phone support, of course, lied to me. All that came back (reply after 1 min) was a computer-generated message which said this decision won´t be changed and there is no further explanation on that or on why I was categorized as a risky customer in the first place. The phone support by the way told me they will review this 100% and get in touch with me within 48hours. After like I think 7 calls in total this was the worse lie I've heard from a Paypal agent because he pretty much knew an automated computer will reply.


Let's come to the risk point. I´m owning and managing a trademark registered legal company in Austria. We are selling clothes online. I took a bank credit, to pay the open orders because PayPal refuses to let me use the money my customers paid to actually order the needed items and deliver them. If a registered Company in AUSTRIA selling clothes is risky, then there is not a single other company that can be allowed to sell on PayPal. Law in Austria is strict as hell when it comes to business so PayPal's decision which probably was automated is completely senseless and simply wrong. There is no risk involved whatsoever and there is nothing I did wrong.


Conclusion to sum this up:


What PayPal did: They killed my business, I can close my company after this incident. If I wouldn't have gotten the business loan from the bank, they would have been in charge of scamming people (because they didn't let me use the money my customers paid to actually order the products, it would be PayPal´s fault that customers aren't getting their ordered and paid items). Every single customer would turn to the customers protection and call me out for not delivering items even tho this all was your fault and decision guys, not mine. I was a legal business person with a legal business trying to do serious business but you managed to destroy it all, thanks for that 🙂


You scammed the people you try to protect by not giving me the money to order their products, you shot yourself because you now will have to refund every single cent and not make a single cent profit from any transaction and you killed a local small business in Austria. Be proud of yourself and your service, this story just shows how incompetent and horrible your system and your decisions are.


Covid19 didn't kill my business but you guys did. And for no f*** reasons. All tried to do and wanted to do was serious business but your "risk protection" created a loss/loss/loss situation. Thank´s a lot, awesome Job! That´s it, guys. I wish you all the best and have fun reading. I hope you took your time and made it so far. I also hope Paypal won't take this down. Best of luck and may such things never happen to you! I´m out of business, I lost my source of income and 3 workers lost their job.