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PayPal Balance Stolen

New Community Member

PayPal Balance Stolen



I Couldn't find any information about this anywhere, but maybe somebody can help.

I had $305 as a PayPal balance on Sunday that I was going to transfer to my bank When I got back home on Monday. I receive an email from PayPal that the funds are being transferred to your bank and another that a linked bank account has been removed. 

When I checked the account Yesterday, I see a completed transfer to the bank from "Compass Bank" in the amount of $304.00. Now, I am from New York and I never even heard of this place and have no business with them. The account was then removed immediately after the funds were withdrawn. I only have one bank account and it is linked to PayPal and there doesn't seem to be any unusual activity there. this has nothing to do with any buyer or seller and only effects my PayPal Balance. I have already filed a claim as an unauthorized transaction. Is there anything else I can do and has this happened to anyone else? I can provide more info if needed.




Joseph A.