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PayPal Account Permanently Closed without any reason

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Hi,I have created business paypal account, it asked me to provide docs and everything regarding personal and business entities. I provided everything, added my own Uk bank account, my own physical UK Card.

I also have UK sim and added UK number to paypal too.
I have provided and verified EVERYTHING.
After that I applied for PayPal Card which was shipped but haven't received yet.
When I provided each and everything, all docs and everything. My paypal was verified. I didn't even use it yet for payments then how come you disabled my account without any reason? 😞
It says I cannot use Paypal because of terms broken.
I just want to know what I did wrong? I have my registered company documents, physical business trading address in UK. Everything that you asked for. I have already provided and made my account fully verified before using. I haven't even started using it but you closed it permanently.
May I know why you guys closed my account? I am 100% sure there is some mistake. Kindly its a request to please open our account so we can start using it. If there is anything needed from our side like documentation or another card linking etc. We will be more than happy to provide you whatever you need.
Please it's a request to kindly re open the account ASAP So we can start using it.
You can reply to this email or can also call me at +4[Removed. Phone #s not permitted]/div>
Awaiting positive response at your earliest. 

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