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Pay pal closings account


Pay pal closings account

Hi can anyone help me my account it limited when I go to resolve center it say u can't use PayPal no more I need to sort this out as I use it a bit thanks

Re: Pay pal closings account

On April 6th 2021 my stimulus check came in man who are spirits lifting so much things that we could take care of like me I have a class a CDL but I also have and expired tag ticket that I need to get paid so that I can get my CDLs transferred from one state so they used to live in to the new state that I live in now I have a 7 month old pregnant wife two more months I have a little bundle of joy with us and the sad thing is when I cash my stimulus check that PayPal wouldn't cash I went and took $500 cash and I deposited it on to my Paypal account through Walgreens I have a receipt for it to cash deposit it's supposed to be available immediately to me and account that I had prior used a week prior to this with the same card that I was trying to transfer the money to and somehow PayPal figures this low life doesn't need this money we're just going to keep it so they don't let us use it for what I need to use it for to pay my tickets and get my license transferred over what they do is they put a lock on my account and they want me to answer these security questions they had nothing to pertaining me to do with me and of course I answered no to all of them because there was nothing that was my information of course I failed both times but I also said okay well let me see if I can send money to a friend so I sent $10 to a friend well then I created another PayPal I sent $480 to that other PayPal that happened last night now when I woke up this morning and I was going to leave the car to it so that I can take care of my business I had a message from PayPal saying that I could no longer use PayPal and they're going to hold my $500 thing that's my lifeline for 180 days for 6 months there are 17.7 billion dollar revenue a year company what the hell is wrong with it they don't give my money back to me I have a cash deposit receipt if they don't give my money back to me by tomorrow morning I'm going to the media and I'll stop it every Media station between here and whichever closest building they have to me they're going to give me my money I want it now just cash it back out at the store that's all you got to do all that *bleep* they're talking about I uploaded my ID to the account and everything how the hell are they going to say that it's looks suspicious