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Pay pal Problems


Pay pal Problems


We are a small NFP club and have been trying to get our cash balance out of Paypal for the last 3 months - any one else in the same position?


They always seem very helpful but at the end of every call always want another document sending then "we can have the account unlocked and transfer the money"

When we send the document, its not sufficient, can't be read, in the wrong name, haven't received it or some other excuse!

And then they want something else.

We are now of the opinion that Paypal either do not want to part with our money or worse still they are deliberately hanging on to it, maybe because they are short of cash.

Given the Wirecard events over the last few days, I would urge everyone not to keep a balance in Paypal.

Our experience is that you can't get it back.

And we may wake up one morning and find, like wirecard customers, that all the cash has vanished.