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Pay Pal Not Responding


Pay Pal Not Responding



Long story short, my account was permanently suspended last year. No reason was given. I received an email that I would be able to withdrawal my funds after 180 days. Well two months ago, it was 180 days. I've been sending emails for two months, both on PayPal and through my personal email. I've tried the message centre, facebook chat and community chat. I've even opened up a case to see if they'd respond. Nothing. The issue is, the bank account listed on my PayPal account, is no longer active, so I need to update that bank account to withdrawal. Like I said, I've been calling and emailing for months, with no response yet. I'm really not to sure what to do, as this almost seems illegal. I'm not asking for much, just to withdrawal the funds in my account. Does anyone have any ideas, or suggestions on how to get ahold of somebody, or anything at this point. 

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Re: Pay Pal Not Responding

I am definitely having this issue too. I have tried calling PayPal DURING BUSINESS HOURS about my account being hacked and having over $200 stolen from me and and the automated messaging system says to call back during business hours. I’ve tried messaging them about the account but I can’t message them without logging in so there’s no wait for me to even begin to resolve the issue. PayPal is a **bleep**ing scam.