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Pay Pal Account -500.00 After being hacked from Taiwan.


Pay Pal Account -500.00 After being hacked from Taiwan.


So about 2 months ago I was hacked and there was 4 unauthorized transaction on my account from some gaming company called Blizzard.

A transaction went through to my bank account, so I let my bank know that they were unauthorized. 

Pay pal refunded me for 4 of the unauthorized transactions,

My bank returned TWO of the unauthorized transactions. so I returned to pay pal the money from my bank for TWO of the unauthorized transactions. 

Now my account is -$500.00 and I don't even see in the activity where it is coming from.

I have called 5 times, and my case was sent to a different department. I have been waiting for 46 days for this to be resolved. How can I get in contact with a specialist, this is ridiculous!!!!!!!!