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Package never received? Stolen?!


Package never received? Stolen?!

I brought a chair from eBay and when it got delivered (1:30PM) I received a text from the delivery company saying it’s been delivered to a safe place so when I get home (8:00PM) I go to the note in the front door and see the safe place is “BEHIND BUSH” I have one small bush In my front garden and the package is not there I have contacted all the post offices and neighbors but no one has seen it, to start off with the seller said they would replace or refund it but now they are refusing to do anything. I opened a dispute on PayPal and they won because the seller that has “tracking information” this is ridiculous the package wasn’t signed for. Anything I can do?

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Re: Package never received? Stolen?!

I contacted the seller on eBay as bought my son a radio controlled car only to be told by Hermes that the parcel has been delivered in a secure porch.... I don’t have a porch so of course when I came home this was gone as I have a doorstep.. complained to seller who then told me to speak to Hermes who they then said contact eBay, waste of time that was so then after going backwards and forwards for 3 weeks with these guys Paypal then told me they would take a look.. Their email to me said they are now looking into this and that if I would like to cancel this request to do so on the website Paypal account but if wanting to go forward you don’t have to do anything we will contact you if needing anymore info...week later I then get another email from Paypal saying this is the 2nd time we have tried to contact you do you want us to carry on??? ...... REALLY!!! This is not what you asked me in the first mail.. anyway I replied back saying yes of course and within 5mins they closed it and I’ve lost £40 as was my fault I didn’t get it.... they are all a joke and I will be taking this further...BBC WATCHDOG love stories like this... not happy with any company who has dealt with this...
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