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PP claim HELP


PP claim HELP

Hi there.


I have a big problem..

i bought a shoe on october 18, the shoe came but unfortunately it was a fake. I told the seller it was fake, he didn't think it was. I made an open box video and I sent it to paypal. they told me to return the shoes and upload the tracking. On 7th September the seller took over the parcel, the Hungarian Post only followed it to the border, it could be followed on the side of the German Post. The paypal ignored this and told the seller that I had no proof that I had actually returned it ... so what to do? I have paper and proof of everything.thumbnail_20191031_171748.jpgthumbnail_Screenshot_20191111-142643_Deliveries.jpg


Re: PP claim HELP

unfortunately paypal does not care about you or their customers. They just got done denying my case for fraud. 10k taken from me and they don't bat an eye.