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I need some help, I have been writing to PayPal but I don't think the message is getting to the correct source.  I received a call from an 800# last week stating that I was past due $3000.00 on a PayPal CREDIT account.  I do not have or have ever had a PP CREDIT account.  The lady on the phone & I agreed to fraud (the account was supposedly opened at an old address of mine that I have moved from over a year ago); she claims she was sending me fraud paperwork to fill out (so far, it hasn't come) and that I needed to contact both PayPal (I do have a regular account opened for years for which I pay my Ebay charges through) and to also contact PayPal CREDIT.  I cannot see online a PayPal credit account when I search, but I have limited information to make me feel my search is complete enough.  I did write the regular PayPal customer service email, but I got a standardized response that doesn't make me feel comfortable.  I am also wondering if the call I received might have actually been the "fraud" in this situation.  Since I cannot call anyone, I am not sure what to do.  I have been hacked/credit card fraud in the past and I am trying to do all I can to stop this again.  WHO CAN I CONTACT?  I am most grateful for anyone's help!

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Here is the PayPal link for PayPal Credit. Their phone number is at the bottom of the page.