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Outside the 180 dispute time ;(


Outside the 180 dispute time ;(

Hi Everyone my first post as I did not know where to go with this now??

In short bought a signed poster it turned up damaged from the sender delivered by UPS I had to take it back to my local UPS the sender has been trying to claim from UPS but they have been dragging there heals.

I have been asking for updates from him ever since I sent it back and he kept saying UPS are not accepting the claim as it wasnt packed correctly etc.

but hes talking to senior member of staff and waiting for answers this went on for months so I opedned a claim with PayPal they must of contacted him and he sent me a message from UPS that they were looking into it so I cancelled my PayPal claim to give him the benifit of the doubt and guess what sent him a message a couple of months later asking how it was going??and hes ignored it.

now its to late to open a PayPal claim too so what can I do please ???


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Re: Outside the 180 dispute time ;(



You should have left the claim running you would then have had a refund and the seller could have claimed back from their postal service.

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Re: Outside the 180 dispute time ;(

Thanks for the quick response. I was also being asked if I wanted to escalate the claim by PayPal at the same time and I only had a short time to do this in so after he contacted me I gave him the benefit of the doubt and said No! 🙁