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Ordered from scam site

New Community Member

Ordered from scam site

I just ordered from a website that turned out to be a scam. I've emailed them to cancel my order but I highly doubt they will. According to the reviews they have given lots of people grief. The payment went through but is there a way to cancel if it's a scam? I don't really want to wait for the clothes to either show up messed up or not show up at all.

Re: Ordered from scam site

Unfortunately once the transaction goes thru PP won't cancel (based on reading many posts here). You can file dispute right away and then escalate to claim and go thru dispute resolution process. The odds are against you however, if what we see here is any indication. But the folks who got refunds all agree you need to be persistent and don't let PP tell you that the user agreement don't cover this and don't cover that. In the US we (the consumer) have certain rights that we can't sign away (people sign all kinds of waivers when they go to theme parks, but when things go wrong victims still can sue and win).