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Opening a dispute outside of Paypal


Opening a dispute outside of Paypal

Hi! I’m having issues with a rude seller who will not give me a refund after sending a faulty item! EBay customer support have referred me to open a dispute within PayPal but I didn’t have a PayPal account at the time but they are telling me that it is still possible so can someone help me!?
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Re: Opening a dispute outside of Paypal



Look for receipt ID number in the PayPal email receipt, then message PayPal from your PayPal account to request a dispute be opened and provide the receipt ID number.


To reach out to customer service for assistance (message response times will be delayed though because of limited customer service staffing due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) safety precautions):


Click MESSAGE CENTER or click LOG IN to access your message center or for live chat where available.


Or try Social media:

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Twitter (Worldwide): @AskPayPal 

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