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Onlinetradestore SCAM....


Onlinetradestore SCAM....

I purchased an airpod from the website .  I was charged and money was deducted via pay pal.  I never received the item. 

The dispute resolution center denied my claim....  That's it....  There is no other recourse that was given to me at all.  This is totally catering to the scammers out there.  They deduct money from your account, like handing over cash, with no protection from the consumer. 

At least with a credit card you have a live person to talk to, a PHONE NUMNER to call to help protect the consumer.

I am furious that the SCAM companies are running rampant and use PAY PAL to enable them to STEAL money from people.


Totally Disgusting!!!!!!!!    Telling everyone that PAY PAL in NOT a SECURE method of payment AT ALL!!!!!!!!



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