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Offer from 'seller' in a dispute - If I accept, will this be secured?


Offer from 'seller' in a dispute - If I accept, will this be secured?

Hi all,

I was charged by a company repeatedly, unauthorized. So, I opened a dispute with the 'seller' to have them make refunds. We agreed on a certain amount and they accordingly sent me an offer through the PayPal dispute page. And I want to accept that offer.

But before we came to agreement on the amount, they repeatedly asked me to close the dispute, because only then they could 'clear' the refund. Luckily, I looked on the internet to find that I never should do that, because PayPal won't reopen the issue and they could just run off with the money.

Now, I saw that if I accept the offer they made through the dispute page, the issue will automatically close. I'm very anxious that if the issue closes, they won't pay in the end.

So my question is: if I accept the offer, will this be secured by PayPal in anyway? Do they take action and start the process of refunding? Or am I still dependent on the fact that the seller has to make payment manually? And what if the seller has withdrawn the money from his PayPal account? How does this work and what will be your advice?

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help here.