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Not recognizing transaction


Not recognizing transaction

I do not recognize a transacrion or a seller. I also can't figure out how to contact the seller
PayPal Employee

Re: Not recognizing transaction

Hi @Scoutwaska123 


I hope all is well. First, I must say, thank you for taking time to use the community forum to be heard as our phone lines are currently closed due to the pandemic coronavirus (covid-19) emergency. If you notice a transaction that you didn’t recognize or authorize, let us know right away in the Resolution Center:

Go to the Resolution Center.
Click Report a Problem.
Click the transaction you want to report and click Continue.
Select "I want to report a transaction that I didn't authorize."
Follow the steps to report the transaction.
I provided a link below to help you through the process:


Hope this will help you, stay safe now and God Bless!

New Community Member

Re: Not recognizing transaction



More than 25 transactions are appearing on my credit card statement that are not to be found in the Paypal activity.

The total value of these debits is $771. How can I contact Paypal?


I have tried the chat and contact us but these did not help.


The transactions came to light as I was preparing my tax return for the 2019-20 period.