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Not happy with dispute result

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Hi all I put in a dispute I accidentally bought two of the same product costing $64.90AU I asked to be reimbursed for one only and other to be posted. I have not received any items. PayPal reimbursed me $2 and closed dispute. I have emailed PayPal constantly as they think their decision is correct stating the product is what was described which was never an issue the seller says speak to PayPal . I can’t get my money and I can’t get my goods any ideas what to do besides give up which I refuse to do


Not happy with dispute result

PayPal Employee

Good day @Fedupsearching 


I am very sorry to know that but you can still file an appeal to correct the reason of your dispute so we can take a second look at it.


Please try to reach Customer Service via chat or email. To get there, kindly click help / contact bottom left of Paypal pages for options available for your country. Or, you may also consider contacting Customer Service via Facebook or Twitter. You can send them a personal message from their facebook or twitter pages.


Twitter: @AskPayPal


Note: There's a slim chance to get a timely response as we are in skeletal staff due to emergency.


Thank you for your patiencce.


***If you see a post that is helpful, kindly give the author Kudos or accept it as a solution. Thank you and keep safe! ☺

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