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Not happy with dispute result

New Community Member
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Hi, 1 March, I purchased masks from eBay by using guest account.7 March received the order. Then I realised that masks were not same as description. I didn’t open that . So I sent an request for refund from seller, the seller just close my request without contact me. I phoned eBay. They asked me to contact PayPal. PayPal asked me to fill the claim form. I did filled the form. But since I use guest account. The transaction was not actually in my PayPal account. I didn’t know where to submit my claim form. Therefore, I just send my claim form via message chat. Today I got result. So they refuse my case in favour the seller. I am not happy with results. Since I didn’t open the masks . I was ready to send back to seller. Your customer service even asked me do not send masks back yet. Bcs seller didn’t even provide right return address. How can you in favour seller. I do not understand! He is dodge seller!

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