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Not able to contact PayPal with Dispute


Not able to contact PayPal with Dispute

I have been trying to contact PayPal since Sunday,  01-31-2021 with no luck. PayPal is not accepting phone calls at this time (It eventually hangs up on  you), its Messaging system is not working today (02-02-2021), and its problem resolution portal will not take my submission. It just says it has had a problem with my submission  and to try again later. I have been trying every day since 01-31-2021. I do show a message to them posted yesterday with no response so far.


This is an eBay purchase/not received problem. Item was purchased through eBay and, to my knowledge, never shipped . eBay reports that the seller has closed her account.  I am unable to contact the seller through eBay since her account has been closed. I called eBay and they referred me to PayPal.  I have canceled the transaction in PayPal. PayPal shows that the refund is "Pending"  and that it is waiting for the seller to authorize the refund. (I have a friend who had the exact same transaction with the seller who was able to have his refund processed.) What am I to do? I am not the only buyer who has been scammed by this seller. Any suggestions on how I should proceed? I'm about ready to go to Visa and just contest it. Thank you.


Re: Not able to contact PayPal with Dispute

Hello, i am stuck too, i have tried calling them several times, i started contacting them on 25th Jan 2021, upto now i have not received any response to may many messages. 

I tried calling them and is being disconnected.

Any suggestions please.