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No way to appeal a dispute decision?


No way to appeal a dispute decision?

I always thought using PayPal was a good thing because they would investigate charges when needed. I made a purchase from peachlift co, and the items were horrible. One wash, following their instructions, shrank the clothes to an crazy small size. The company had me running in circles refusing to honor their money back guarantee. I reached out to PayPal for help only to have them side with the company. Two months for shipping, total run around, and refusing to make this right and then paypal says oh well. Are there any other options? I'm out $80 for clothes that can not be worn due to poor quality or manufacture defect. I'm considering just leaving paypal this has left such a bad taste in my mouth.

Re: No way to appeal a dispute decision?

If you used a card or bank go to them instead cause paypal clearly won't help you like it hasn't been for other people recently including me. You are more likely able to get your money back if you are able to do a chargeback otherwise you are stuck. 

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Re: No way to appeal a dispute decision?



Difficult to advise when you haven't given any facts like.......


which dispute did you open

did you escalate to a claim.

did paypal tell you to return what you received.


Although to be honest I am not sure you would win anyway now you washed the items as they have to be returned as received and in the same condition as sent.

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