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No refund for returned item

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No refund for returned item

I bought some trainers which didn’t fit, so I returned them within the return window using the tracked 48 Royal Mail returns label provided by the merchandiser. According to the tracking the return package was delivered two days later. The company’s website states that refunds can take up to 10 working days to process so 11 working days after the package was allegedly delivered back to them I contacted them including the proof of postage and tracking information asking after my refund. They emailed me back to say that their log says they never received them and that I should contact the Royal Mail. The problem is, RM don’t make it very easy to contact them. I can file a claim for the loss of the item but as their own tracking claims they delivered it I’m not convinced they’re going to approve the claim. I looked at the PayPal dispute options and not receiving a refund after you returned the item doesn’t seem to fall under any of them... who is liable here? How do I get my money back for goods that I returned?

Re: No refund for returned item

Get a hold of live agent and explain your situation. "Contact us", then"message center", then type "need more help" when prompted. Might have to wait for live agent to respond but that's seems to be the only way to talk to PP customer service.

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Re: No refund for returned item



As this is not as the result of a dispute then i doubt customer services can do anything to help you.

You can't file non receipt of item as you received it.

You can't file not as described as presumably the item was described ok just didn't fit so the return was between you and the seller.


Personally i would tell the seller that you returned the item and have proof of delivery so if they do not refund you then you will be pursuing a small claims court action against them. As you have proof of delivery you would most likely win OR if you funded your paypal payment via a credit card then try and see if they will help you with a chargeback.

Most sellers will quickly refund if they think you are going to go down the small claims route.

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