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No Refunds

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No Refunds

Why would ebay protected a seller that does not offer a return. It seems to me if a seller does not offer a return, they should not be protected by ebay? the policy should revert to protect the buyer when the seller offers no return? I have worked with ebay and paypal for a while now and never had a return or exchange problem, until today. Ebay passed to paypal which I am being taken care of but I think ebay is shooting their self in the foot by protecting sellers that do not stand behind their products, do I have a point?

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Re: No Refunds



Not what I heard, must be some technicality which negated your money back guarantee. Some steps or procedure was not followed or something. I am rather shocked you weren't protected to be honest. You try reading the seller boards over at eBay. Can put you right off from even selling there imho.


eBay sellers are not protected when the reason for return request is for Not As Described and have to accept a return regardless of their return policy. If your reason for return request is for buyer remorse reasons, then the seller can elect to accept or not accept your return request if they have a "No Returns" Policy.

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