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No ID so PayPal will not release my fund

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No ID so PayPal will not release my fund

I'm just wondering if anyone can help me I do not have photo ID I'm 33 years old and have never needed it for anything not even to open my bank account which is about 8 years old but for some reason paypal is refusing me access to withdraw my money from paypal to my bank account because I do not have photo ID they asked for my birth certificate but that dose not have my real name on as my parents married and i have my mothers maiden name it but i have always used her married name from being nursery age I do not think paypal has the Wright to keep my funds at all as my bank can not even deny me access to my money I think this is wrong and PayPal should have some sort of other arrangement if you can provide them with photo ID or birth certificates I'm stuck not being able to get my funds I need help if anyone can thank you
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Re: No ID so PayPal will not release my fund


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