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New Paypal agreement

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New Paypal agreement

In the new Paypal agreement, this statement, "For “Significantly Not as Described” claims under our Seller Protection Program, we are clarifying that the item may not be returned to sellers or sellers may be required to accept the returned item and pay for the return shipping costs." So which is it?--buys can't return items that are significantly not as described, or sellers may be required to accept the returned item? The two statements are contradictory.


Re: New Paypal agreement

Hi @kathtucson,


I'm sorry for the confusion. It's an update regarding Seller Protection, and it states that a seller may be required to pay for return shipping if the item is to be returned, or the item may not be returned at all. This is not necessarily to be the case for all disputes and the directions given will be contingent on multiple factors, but sellers should expect these possibilities.


I hope this helps!




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