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Negative -350 Euro balance because of a scammer


Negative -350 Euro balance because of a scammer

So, I was talking to this guy on discord (he seemed like a chill dude) on discord and he brought up a site called ***, he wanted help with buying some stuff off the site because you can only buy up to 3 times a day on an account (or so he claimed) and asked if I could help him in exchange for 30$. I was pretty interested as I needed 75$ to buy a game I really wanted off of Ebay, Rune Factory 1. So he sent me 400$ on paypal (210 once and 190 the 2nd time and I thought he was legit since he trusted me with so much money) and asked me to make 2 purchases for him. As I in the middle of the purchases, I saw my Paypal go from 30 euros to -350 euros and asked him what was happening. He said there was a problem with the transactions and he was going to call paypal and resolve them. He then stated they said it would take '1-2 hours' to resolve the issue and he was willing to wait, even 'pay from his brother's account to settle the issue' if paypal couldn't help. So after I finished with helping him buy his stuff, I sent him some messages asking if everything went smoothly. He didn't respond, after a while his icon went grey (which means someone is offline or you'll know it also means a person blocked you from messaging them if it's happened to you before). I tried messaging him and lo and behold, I'm blocked. Now my account is -350 euros, I can't buy the game I want. I guess trying to help someone will get you this sometimes. I even have proof of everything.

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Re: Negative -350 Euro balance because of a scammer



Better get a refund on those purchases if you can.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂