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Need to speak to a live person to help on our account please

New Community Member

Need to speak to a live person to help on our account please

Need help to remove account limitation. Have been messaging back and forth to no avail. Called customer service but you call, get placed on hold then hung up on. It's ridiculous. We have never had a problem with Paypal until now.

Next step is to file a complaint with the BBB. We are a non profit baseball organization that had to issue refunds to customers due to COVD-19 and parents not wanting there children playing baseball. We were not aware that doing this would lock our account or limit our ability to transfer the money in account to bank, which is the only reason we can think of why our account was put in this limited status?

We have now merged with another baseball league due to low interest and registration.

We need to transfer the remaining balance to our bank account so we can close this account for good as we no longer need it. 


Can someone please help me so I can do this? 

We must get this resolved as we need to also close our bank account soon because BWAA Baseball and Softball will be dissolving. 

Thank you!

Johnna <removed>

BWAA Treasurer