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Need to provide another persons bank card details to remove limitations on MY account?


Need to provide another persons bank card details to remove limitations on MY account?

I recently listed an item on eBay and it sold, the payment for the item went into my PayPal account. Having not used eBay and in turn PayPal for some time I had some difficulty remembering my password and had to go through security and password resets etc.

When I eventually logged in there was a message stating something along the lines of the account not being used for some time and the monies couldn't be removed immediately, I think there was a 2 or 4 week time period to wait.


I didn't think much of it and waited a few weeks to then log in again and be met with the message that my account had limitations, I looked at what was required and changed my password and uploaded photo ID as requested, the strange bit was there was a request to upload a credit card statement for a card ending in a number I didn't recognise - upon clicking in my wallet and then on the card the address against the card was my fathers and I checked my Google Pay on my phone and it was my fathers card (he's 70 and not very savvy on using the internet to buy stuff so regularly asks).


I contacted PayPal and was told that I need to upload a copy of my fathers bank statement, photo ID for my father and a written letter of authority from him advising I had permission to use his card - I pointed out that I had not used the card with PayPal for any transactions and it was either a a genuine mistake that it somehow got into my PayPal wallet or when accessing on my phone via the PayPal app it has been added automatically?!?


Anyways, countless hours on the phone and dozens of messages over the last few months and PayPal won't remove the limitations without the details, they can't delete the card for me until the limitations are removed and they won't escalate a complaint until the limitations are removed!?!?.

I've told them that I want it removed and don't need it in my wallet but they still churn out the same reply.

Whilst all this has been going on eBay have attempted to collect their fees and not used the bank account details I have set up on PayPal but have tried to collect it from the erroneous card in my wallet even though my own bank account details are there, my debit card details and my credit card details but I can't make any changes as my PayPal is in limitations!!!.


They finally agreed to send my account for a review which came back really quickly with...................wait for it.............upload the other persons bank card details!!


Has anyone else come across this whereby they have had to provide someone elses bank card details in order to access their own account??