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Need help with a dispute

Need help with a dispute

I recently started streaming on and this one guy donated 10 USD to me if I played a song.

If I played the entire song I would most likely have gotten banned of so i skipped it halfway through.

These people who donate decent amount of money are very common because they donate a decent amount of money, the streamer plays the song they request, then the streamer gets banned and they refund the 10 USD.

You would be surprised when you see how many people who donate lots and lots of money just too troll and get streamers banned and also make the streamers pay the chargeback fees, it's ridiculous.

Now this is what I need help with, I escalated the case and now I'm at '' Requiring your response'' my response.

The only options I have are 3 

''issue the buyer a full refund'' 

''I can provide compelling evidence (ex., Tracking information for delivered goods'' 

''Provide proof that the buyer has already been refunded''

which one do I pick , thank you.

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Re: Need help with a dispute

Hi @Daniel123123,


I’m sorry about the trouble with a recent sale. I know how frustrating these situations can be. If this was a service it seems compelling evidence would need to be provided. If you have further questions let us know.