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Need help pleass

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Need help pleass

I have this guy that is trying to but my car,say he put the money in my account and I get a email in my all mail for comfirmation,I looked at it and says I need to pay 900 out of pocket so I can send that money to his shipper than email pay pay with msgn number from western union before they release all the money he paid for,He never informed me that I needed to put out 900 out of pocket but said I put 3500 in your account nothing is showing of that it was 2500 for the car 900 for his shipper and 100 for something else ,and got a spam email from pay pal saying I had to pay 900 out of my pocket and I told him he never told me at all,I told I didn't have it,and I called pay pay and they don't have any thing on it,I also requested for the money from the email he used,and nothing ,what do I do,he's yelling and stuff through email he's out that money I never recieved,and I told i can't receive this money I don't have in my account and told him that in my spam email pay pal said they won't release it till I pay the 900 western union to wherever and then come back with a code

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Re: Need help pleass



PayPal seller protection doesn't cover vehicle sales so you'll have no protection against an unauthorized transaction claim for funds sent to your PayPal account for a vehicle purchase. You don't ever want to accept a PayPal payment for a vehicle sale except for a small deposit to hold the car until the buyer shows up with cash.


If any funds get transfered into your PayPal account from this person, you should refund them immediately. If someone wants to buy your vehicle they can show up in person with cash.


Also, emails from PayPal will always address you by your first and last name or your business name. If you're unsure of any email, don't click any links in the email, instead go to the PayPal site directly and log in to see if you have any notices, transactions or unauthorized transactions in your account.


Here is a PayPal link with details on these types of scams.


Here is a PayPal link with details on seller protection.