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Need Help with Identity Confirmation


Need Help with Identity Confirmation

Hi There, 


I can't seem to confirm my identity on my business account. I fill out all the information and it always says "Thank you for providing the required information. We'll get back to you within 2-3 business days." And then a few days later, it is asking for the same documents again. It always asks for me to upload documents for the Beneficial Owners and Officer Information - which is me (the same person). I have been in a constant loop of trying to get this solved. 


I then received an email asking me to complete the following steps:
1. Go to and log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click "Notifications" (bell) icon next to "Log out" button.
3. Click the notification prompting you to confirm your identity and follow on-screen instructions.


But there is no bell on my paypal account next to the "Log out." I am based in Canada and I even tried logging in to PayPal American website using a VPN and my dashboard did not change. 



I was also asked to upload the following information: 

•Official supporting documentation (e.g. Corporate tree etc.)
•Securities register
•Shareholders register
•Shareholder Agreement
•Partnership Agreement.


But there is nowhere to upload it. 

Thank you and any help would be helpful. I tried calling multiple times but never got through to anyone. 




Re: Need Help with Identity Confirmation

I was able to receive a callback days after I called.  But that customer service representative could not help me.  I tried contacting the "Message Center" as well.  I uploaded my documents there, but they can only relay the documents to the "review team."  Unfortunately, I am still in the same boat with this constant loop.  There does not appear to be an actual human to speak to and/or help resolve this problem.