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Nanchang Etron Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

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Nanchang Etron Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Hi purchased from these professional thieves in China. They advertised on Facebook 3 giant sized witches for the lawn. When the items arrived they were significantly different and no bigger than my forearm! Paypal asked me to work with the merchant, they were advertising a 30 day money back guarantee! The merchant offered a 20 dollar refund but i had already paid 61 dollars! I declined that offer and asked them for a shipping label to return the item. I also filed with PayPal, but PayPal said i had to go online and file a complaint with ic3 which i did. I stupidly gave PayPal what i thought would be a live link. But it didn't work. I have a copy of the fraud complaint i filed as Thankfully i printed it off. PayPal said they would deny my claim. I can only assume because they couldn't see id filed a complaint? I then called my bank to see if they would do a chargeback but because I'd authorized the transaction they too said no! Tell me am i supposed to be ANOTHER victim of this Chinese company and let them get away with my hard earned money?please advise thank you
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Re: Nanchang Etron Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.



The only advice i can give you is don't buy from China websites or Social Media ads.

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