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My paypal got hacked


My paypal got hacked

So i woke up today normally and went to the ATM to withdraw some money and  they say that i don't got money wich is odd because i got payed on the 1 december i checked my paypal and i was surprised that there are some transactions that i didn't authorize almost 500$ and that is a month payment. we live on a low budget where i'm from . they took the money from my credit card and i still haven't got any answer from paypal. I changed my password , scanned my computer , and i didn't open any email . I am really panicking i really need the money . i can't borrow money . 

The transactions have been made to two sites that i have never heard about and wargaming group limited in RB . It's urgent.

Sorry for my bad english BTW.KOK.PNG


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Re: My paypal got hacked

duplicate thread.

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