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My paypal account has been closed and no reason.

New Community Member

My paypal account has been closed and no reason.

Dear Paypal Team,

First of all, it was very sad to hear that my Paypal account was closed. I don't know exactly why my account was closed and I would like to know.

I have not done anything illegal with Paypal and I swear I will read all the rules. My Paypal account is very important to my business. I cannot use any payment method other than Paypal at my job. I want to use this account for my business and money transfers. Again, I swear to read all the rules. I request my account to be reopened.

Additionally, I have attached the scanned National ID below.


Muhammed <removed>

Esteemed Advisor

Re: My paypal account has been closed and no reason.



Don't ever put personal information on this public worldwide community forum !!!

Luckily it was auto-removed.


PayPal does review accounts regularly, and any concerns with security, violations of the User Agreement or Acceptable Use Agreement, compliance obligations, etc., could lead to a permanent restriction. Additional information beyond what would have been provided to you in a notification and/or email would not be available due also to security concerns and due to such information being proprietary.

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.