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My dispute was denied. It is wrong. Want to reopen


My dispute was denied. It is wrong. Want to reopen

I wish to fight this decision

In the terms and conditions that belongs to the vendor it clearly says a cooling off period

of 14 days regardless of the reason

Paypal bang on about the item not as described but that is irrelevant

I can choose to get a refund in the 14 days

Why is this so hard for paypal

When I purchased the item it says nothing about my documents needing to be in Latin

After I pay they say you at your own cost must translate the ids

I found that this adds over $100 to the bill

If they had said before I paid that I needed to do this I would not have paid

Why not say this before I buy

This is a easy case

Why do they make it so damn hard

I asked for a refund in the 14 day cooling off period

No dispute

This is my right

I sent them their terms and conditions

It is there to clearly see

Can I keep fighting this

Can common sense prevail

I want to reopen this case

Who makes these decisions



Re: My dispute was denied. It is wrong. Want to reopen

You had asked a very relevant question, does common sense prevail? The answer based on my experience and based on what I read here is an unequivocal NO. PP doesn't act with any common sense or we would be here posting our experiences. Scammer are running rampant and PP's protocol is help the scammers perpetuate the schemes.


There are similar stories where there is overwhelming evidence aganst the seller but PP still will not make exceptions to their inane standard policies and practices to right a wrong.


The only chance you have is to get to a customer service rep (via chat in message center) and persuade one (could go thru several before you find a good one) to help you, they have inside track to re-open or appeal cases.