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My client has been refunded but refuses to send my item back...


My client has been refunded but refuses to send my item back...

Hello to all, it is my first post / issue in the 10 years I have been with PayPal. I hope someone will have some input on what it is I can do.

But let's start with the story:


Back in October of this year, I have sold a helmet to a client in Australia.

The client has purchased an official Bell replica helmet. Over 40 photos have been sent to his attention, he has studied the photos for an extended period of time, addressed questions which I answered back to. After a price negotiation we have agreed and the funds were sent via PayPal.

After my client received the helmet he has contacted me because the glass display arrived broken, I immediately offered to compensate for it or to have another glass sent, it happened during the Fed shipping.


Immediately after he said the base was also damaged, I asked for some photos he did not send, but well, I offered to compensate for the damage base as well. He contacted me again and declared that the helmet was not as represented.

Before I could bring any answer, he has brought this case to claim. I did not have the opportunity to explain bring any element to PayPal's attention.

He send me several emails blaming me for my helmet, that I committed a crime, that he will prosecute me to the extend of the law etc etc.


PayPal then took a decision in his favor, I do not know which elements he sent to defend his case. The money has been sent back. At this point I just wanted my helmet back, I would pay for the shipping.


I have requested him on 3 occasions to send it back to me. He did not answer at first then his answer was "you should talk to PayPal" which I did.


In one of the answers I received to my inquiry, I learned that he said to justify the fact to keep the helmet that it was a counterfeit and that the shipper would not send it back.


It is an obvious nonsense, it is an official replica, not a counterfeit, as for the shipper not accepting it, it is a lie. I have contacted FedEx and as easy they sent it they said they would send it back to me. I have contacted the buyer to say that Fed Ex can pick it up. The email send from him to me after that was again about prosecution, law suit etc etc. I said in my email that he lied to PayPal about the counterfeit and I suspect that the goal was obvious to keep the money and the helmet.


In this process, my version has not been taken into account, his words tend to have more weight as a buyer. I have been using PayPal for years as a buyer and a seller and never, absolutely never have I had such an issue.


I believe he used a system that protects him to defraud sellers as myself. $3,900 usd is a lot of money for me.


He has asked repeatedly the certification document coming with the helmet, this document confirms the authenticity of this official replica and adds value to the piece. He made no secrets in his email about his satisfaction of having a helmet for free.

I have asked him 3 times to stop emailing me as I do not want to speak to have any type of correspondences with him. But he kept on asking for documents.


This situation is unacceptable and unfair as it legitimates actions such as these.


Any input would be greatly appreciated




Re: My client has been refunded but refuses to send my item back...

not much you can do,if he does not want to return the item.

IF YOu sell it as a replica,not a counterfeit,Paypal should ask him to return the item with tracking.

but now it is too late,you cant take him to court either,since he is in Australia.

if it is an ebay transaction,report him to Ebay