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My account is limited for being "underage" when I'm not and have been using my account for years.

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My account is limited for being "underage" when I'm not and have been using my account for years.

Recently, after forwarding two “necessary” documents for Paypal to review, I received two emails back to back from the Paypal staff member Vinoth S. stating that my account has been “limited”. I found it strange that I would receive two emails about the subject, with them being oddly similar. As shown in the attached PNGs, I received both these emails which look like identical copies with the exception of the required age being changed from 18 years of age to a supposed 21 years of age and a little annotation right above elaborating on the prior email. Out of worry, I looked over the Terms of Service and as it shows in the third PNG I include, it states that it requires the age of 18 to use your service and to be a resident of the US or its territories, and I comply with both of those statements. I find it worrying since I pay some bills with my Paypal account such as Spotify or a server I run on Pebble Host. Whereas Spotify lets me pay with my card as an alternative, Pebble Host only accepts Paypal, meaning I’d lose all payment options and thus, my server (which I already did and had to pay an extensive recovery fee). I’ve had my Paypal account since 2016, so around when I was 15, so why only now has it been limited for being under 21 when even the ToS says it’s 18. Even the first email said it was 18. I just need access to my account, to keep paying my bills as I regularly could and for the life of me, I just can't find a way to get in direct contact with an associate.First Email.png


Second Email.png