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My account is limited but i cant resolve it

New Community Member

My account is limited but i cant resolve it

Some time ago i got a message that my account was limited and i needed to send some documents to fix that. Since i was busy at the time and didnt really use paypal i forgot to do it. Now that i m trying to  fix it , i cant. I dont have the old messages so i dont know what they asked me to send and where , i cant find an email to send my question and get help, and through facebook they keep sending me here. When i hit resolve on my restore page, i get this message: 

Thank you for providing the required information. We’ll get back to you within a few business days.

Its been months....


i dont know how to fix it an paypal doesnt seem to want to help me fix it. the only other thing i have is this

Reference ID: PP-008-481-070-885