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My account became limited

New Community Member

My account became limited

Hello. I register PayPal two years ago and actually I don't used it much. but then, recently I became part of a translation group and they needed a PayPal account for reader's donation. as the only one with PayPal account in our theme, I gave my acc. so when I received a donation from readers, PayPal reacted. 


They said that 

We need some information from you
We noticed some significant changes to your account activity. To understand this better, we will require some information from you.

Until we receive your information, some features in your account will be limited. You'll be able to regain access to these features once you provide the information we've requested.
So, I panicked a little, since it became limited and I cant withdraw, or send money. 
I filled all the information they needed from me. but I have one that put me in difficult spot.
They needed me to "Provide purchase receipt from your supplier" and they're looking for a document or a picture. I don't know why they're looking for it since we only translate novels...
help me TT