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My Paypal Balance has been Stolen


My Paypal Balance has been Stolen

I recently logged onto my Paypal account after finding out that there had been account limitations placed on it and have found that my entire Paypal balance was transferred to an unknown World First account. I have never heard of World First before seeing the transaction and found that this World First account was also added to my funding sources. 


I am deeply concerned and marked this transaction as unauthorised and launched a dispute, however Paypal informed me that this transaction to World First was authorised and is not covered under their Buyer Protection Scheme. I am also trying to get in contact with Paypal customer service UK but can not find a phone number to call them on. Can anyone provide the Paypal UK Fraud Team Phone number?

Also my Paypal account has an account limited placed on it, which means I can not delete my funding sources which link to my other bank accounts. I am concerned that my Paypal account has been compromised and that the hacker will be able to remove funds from my other accounts as well once account limitations are removed. I would honestly just like to close my Paypal account, but can not find any way of doing so due to the Account Limitation.