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My PayPal was used by someone else, and my dispute got declined..

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My PayPal was used by someone else, and my dispute got declined..

So, today I got an curious email that said "thanks for signing up on ***" (a website that sells video game serials apparently), and I immediately checked out what this could be. Because my email was being used, I was able to change the password (to a random password) to check out what this was. Then I found out that my PayPal has been used on this site to buy game codes, and my bank account showed that 950 NOK had been used (about 105 USD) from my credit card via PayPal. I didn't hesitate to remove bank account, credit card number and change the password (and enable two way verification) on my PayPal and email address, and it seemed to have stop. However, PayPal declined my request for refund and unauthorized usage because the transactions were authorized... What do I do now? Is there any way to get money back from this scam? I've emailed my local bank as well to see if they can cancel the reserved amount that is being withrawed.

On the website that was used, the "hacker" had used my first and last name, email, as well as my home address in his contact info. The only thing that was odd was that the phone number he used, was a russian phone number... I am Norwegian. Being a student and all, I don't really wanna give up this case before I get my money back really.


Thanks in advance guys.



Re: My PayPal was used by someone else, and my dispute got declined..

Hi @SirValor,


I'm sorry to hear of this experience.  It sounds like you did everything right to secure your account.  For this situation, I would suggest you contact us to provide additional details.  To contact customer service, please click Contact at the bottom of the PayPal website for available options, or reach out by Facebook or Twitter.  I hope this helps.


Thank you,